What our customers are saying

We love hearing from our customers and love it when they send in reviews with photos of their new artwork!


"I was looking for an affordable press for my linocut printing, having been hand burnishing my prints for a couple of years. Of all the presses on the market under £300, the portable printing press caught my eye. 

I wanted an etching press style press which was wide enough to print on large paper. The fact you cut your own press bed meant I could select the exact length, meaning I was able to print very large prints indeed. 

The set up was very easy and the press folds away neatly. This is important to me as I print on my dining room table and don't have a dedicated studio space. The pressure is easily adjustable and I can now print large, flat, even areas of colour with ease. This is very difficult and time consuming by hand. The press has also sped up my printing. I work a full time day job and print in the evenings, so to save time is very important to me. The press has enabled me to print more in less time. Lucy and Ben were very helpful and friendly with great communication throughout the purchase and shipping of the press. I couldn't recommend the press and company enough.



"Five star review— Affordable, easy to assemble, and once you figure out a good table, set up, etc., works beautifully. My press pulls clean, even prints and I’m excited to be able to do more and more large prints that used to be intimidating to hand press. One thing that would be helpful (and perhaps it already exists but I couldn’t find) would be a YouTube video to help artists along with the set up process. I was a little bit lost on how to set

up blankets, boards etc to create an ideal press process. Even though I have a Bachelors degree and specialized in Printmaking, the setup was foreign to me! One very positive aspect of this press is the Portable nature of it. This makes a huge difference when setting it up and moving it around to find its place. Normally, a press wouldn’t allow such easy mobility. All in all, I am so happy with my purchase and believe this press will be an investment that lasts me for a very long time, and with many fruitful results!"


"I'm so happy I found out about your very sharply priced press. And I cannot believe that you were able to ship so quickly to such a remote country as Qatar! Most things take a long time to arrive here. Now I can do my monotypes and monoprints quickly, without so much spent on handpressing using spoons or barons. I've even expanded to drypoints, which I wouldn't be able to do without the press. Thank you for making this affordable, compact press and making traditional printmaking more accessible ❤"



"I’d had my eye on a portable printing press for a while, as I couldn’t afford a big, static press plus I didn’t have the space; and was over the moon when I got hold of one. It has really changed and enhanced my printing practice. I love the fact that it can be stored under our dining room table as we have limited space at home (I print in my kitchen and back room), plus it’s easy to transport and set up when I need to use it when teaching workshops. It’s easy to set up and change the pressure depending on what you are printing on, and the fact that you’re using a removable board as your print bed means that you can print in all different sizes. I’m really pleased with my press and would definitely recommend them - sturdy and well made it’s a really affordable press to get and super easy to store. People on my workshops have been really excited to use it too. Thank you!"


"I love telling printmakers about this press whenever I get the chance. It allowed me to take it to the next level. The price is just unbeatable and its a really sturdy piece of equipment. Great size and folds away so perfectly. Love this little company too for making presses so accessible and always sharing peoples artwork!"


"Brought the press for a printmaking festival. It’s easy to assemble, and light enough to be portable. The rubber roller gave a even pressure of printing. It needs to be tight for intaglio and a good blanket. It is easy to use and not too heavy to turn. It is prefect for a portable press. I take it away with me when I teach."


"I chose this press because I don't have a lot of space in my home studio. I absolutely love it! It's really easy to set up and use, it allows me to do large prints and it works perfectly. When I'm done printing I simply fold it and move it to one side of my desk. It takes up very little space, it's incredibly practical. Customer support is great too! They are very friendly and helpful, will reply quickly to any questions you have. I’ve had my lovely portable printing press for about a year and a half now and I couldn't be happier with it!"


"I’ve really enjoyed using the portable printing press. It folds up and fits on a shelf, it’s easy to set up in just a couple minutes, and it makes excellent quality prints. I really appreciate that it is well-made and at a very affordable price point. I got a custom plastic cutting board made for the bed from a restaurant supply site. Can’t say enough nice things about this press!"

"I received my Portable Printing Press as a birthday present last December, and am utterly in love! My wrists are super grateful for the drastic decrease in hand-burnishing my prints, and the results are always wonderful! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟"


"I want to say thank you for making an affordable, yes portable, and hardworking machine. In the 1.5 years that I've owned my press, I have made a lot of prints! The consistency with which I can print my linocuts has exceeded my expectations. The speed with which I can print is spot on, too. I liked that I could choose what I want to use for my printing bed, and so far I have been using a sheet of plywood. I love how there is no limit for how long a piece can be, and that the width is generous.

Thanks to you guys, I am a really happy printer!"


I"’ve been doing some collagraph printing on my new press and love it! It is so easy to use and has opened up many more possibilities! 😊"


"Your press is wonderful! ❤️"


“Speedy delivery, very happy with product. Thank you so much.”


“Great! Thank you. I was here when I got back from my trip. It looks the business”


“Very nice item”


“Quick service. Very secure packaging! Seems great, ...work so far. Thanks”


“Fast delivery. Untried as yet but well packaged.”


“Brilliant quality + value press. Great communication. Highly Recommended!”


“A+++, just arrived, can't wait to try it”


“Super happy, quick cheap delivery, well packaged, great product”


“Excellent printing press from a very friendly and reliable seller.”


“Arrived very quickly, well packaged. Slight mark on roller, doesn't impact use.”


“Great printing press. Great price. All good.”


“Brilliant! Arrived quickly, well packaged, as described. Can't wait to use it.”


“Exactly as described. Great ebayer. Very pleased ”


“Very pleased with this press, enjoying experimenting with it.”


“Very pleased with press. Excellent, speedy packing, very small dent no prob A++”


“all seems good - yet to buy a bed and try it out ”


“Excellent seller. Highly recommend very supportive.”


“A1 seller”


“Great product.”


“Great press! We're using it for relief prints currently and having great results”


“Excellent service good communication ”


“Won't find better quality/size press for price & such a fab seller, anywhere!”


“Brilliant seller, very helpful; press looks great, can’t wait to use it soon :)”


“The press took a while to get here, but it had to come a long way. Thank you!”


“Great item well made as described, fast delivery. Good seller. I recommend”


“Quality goods, nice price, efficient service”


“Nice item, well shipped. thank you”


“A fabulous press - I am delighted - seller extremely helpful with advice! ”






“Great communication. A pleasure to do business with.”


“My press just arrived, brilliant packaging! It's bigger than I realised... what fun this will be. It all looks fantastic. I was printing all day today on the kitchen table using a baren so that might be the last time I do that!”


“Thank you Ben and Lucy for my lovely press, I can’t wait to start using it. I will send you some pictures when I do it was great to finally meet you guys, your Mum would be proud ”


“I'm so excited i got the press down here in Australia on Friday thankyou. Since then I have organised the blanket and MDF cut to size.”


“Thank you very much for the quickly shipped portable printing press. I missed the postman yesterday. I couldn't wait till the post office opened this morning. I'm so over joyed and can't wait to try it out. When I arrived at art class my friends were speechless at the fast delivery all the way from across the sea. Thank you and I will let you know and send a picture when I print.”