Donated for "Printmakers Against Cancer" fundraiser.

Wäwuru is the name of the coastal tree bearing small, sweet red fruit and is also known as Mimusops Elengi. Pronounced 'wah-woo-roo', it is the name I was given by the Warramiri people on whose land we lived, and whose lives we shared for almost 5 years on Elcho Island, NE Arnhem Land.

Each print is pulled from a hand-carved block and printed on beautiful papers. Prints are labelled with the Yolŋu name, numbered according to their edition and signed.

Print size is approximately 15 x 15cm on A4 paper.
Printed using Cranfield Caligo black ink on acid-free 210gsm paper.

Donated in honour of all those who bravely battle with cancer.

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Wäwuru Donated by Wäwuru Prints