The innovative development of our Portable Printing Press allows for a portable weight and compact design not seen in other makes.


Our table top roller press has been used successfully for etchings, collograph, monoprints as well as lino & woodcuts by artists around the world.


Due to the cost of postage, these are imported without a bed, but we have successfully used off cuts of:


· Thin MDF

· Plexiglass

· Cutting mats




The Portable Printing Press closes up to measure 76cm x 16cm


The total weight of The Portable Printing Press is 12.7kg.


The Portable Printing Press has 63.5cm long solid rubber rollers so can work with paper sizes up to this width (so up to A1 poster size) and any length.


See our FAQ’s for further information. 

UK ONLY PRE ORDER Portable Printing Press

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    **Due to high demand we currently have a 10 - 12 week dispatch time from the date of order**

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