How much does The Portable Printing Press cost?


Our current model is £299.

How much are the postage fees for The Portable Printing Press?


Postage and packaging is now a set £15 for all our customers in Mainland UK.


International shipping costs are calculated at the checkout - input your address and a price will be displayed - if your country isn't available on the list - contact us for a price and we will give you a shipping quote. 


How big is The Portable Printing Press?


Overall the press closes up to measures 70cm x 15cm x 28cm. 

This innovative design allows for a portable weight and compact design not seen in other makes. 

Due to the cost of postage these are imported without a bed.

At only 15kg it is easily moved by one person, easy to store when not in use and yet it's long rollers mean it is capable of small to large scale printing.


What can I use as a bed for The Portable Printing Press?


You can use a variety of materials as a bed, we love our perspex sheet which you can order from a variety of places online cut to size, but you can use MDF, cutting boards, perpex, anything really! 

As long as its level and thin enough you can be really creative with this. It needs to be maximum 65cm wide and can be as long as you like.


What blankets should I use with The Portable Printing Press?


We recommend a couple of different options for blankets seems that as soon as someone identifies a sheet of felt as an etching blanket they can increase the price, so we have been looking at alternatives and found the following work well.


The cheapest is a yoga mat cut up, you can get a five foot mat ( choose one with a smooth side) cut it to size for under £5 tests have been excellent and I know some artists who now don't use anything else.

Next in price is synthetic thick 'protective table top felt' from fabric shops.


For the closest in type to traditional blankets is 3-4mm thick 100% wool felt which can be easily purchased online by the meter. (a slightly cheaper option would be to opt for an 80% wool.) 


What can I use The Portable Printing Press for?


This table top roller press has been used successfully for etchings, collograph, monoprints as well as lino & woodcuts. 


What is the maximum width between the rollers on The Portable Printing Press?


It is able to take a thickness of a bed + plate of around 3cm thick. The rollers are driven by the top or bottom roller [just swap to your preferred configuration] and the gap is adjustable by turning the two easy grip knobs to increase pressure. This press leaves a lovely deep plate mark. 


What size prints can The Portable Printing Press produce?


The Portable Printing Press has 65cm long solid rubber rollers so can work with paper sizes up to this width (so up to A1 poster size) and any length.


Why should I choose The Portable Printing Press?


It is easy to use and if you are looking for a press that will allow you to produce anything from postage stamp to poster sized prints...... this will provide you will a fantastic opportunity. We are receiving great feedback from teachers from primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities as well as artists running printing workshops from their studios, their homes as well as out in the community. 


Who is The Portable Printing Press made for?


You! This press is also regularly purchased by artists, students and schools. It’s versatility means that it is suitable for anyone, any age, who is new to printmaking and would like to give it a try, right through to artists looking to produce work to exhibit and sell.