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portable printing presses. 

*Due to the current COVID-19 VIRUS we will be limiting our sales to UK customers ONLY - we hope to resume international shipping as soon as possible - please email us @ info@theportableprintingpresscompany.com if you would like to be added to our international waiting list.*

At The Portable Printing Press Company we specialise in supplying artists with innovative, affordable portable printing presses. We offer international artists - both professional and amateur - the opportunity to have their own portable printing press to use at home, in a studio, in schools, universities, at art shows and in Print Clubs. 


Our Portable Printing Press was developed by our mother Libby Noble, who was an amateur printmaker and was frustrated that there was not a press on the market that was affordable and accessible to most people. She worked closely with a precision engineer over several years to develop the press that we offer today. 

Come and have a look. 


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